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This is an archive of all of the Widgets I created for Yahoo! Widgets (Konfabulator). Yahoo! Widgets is abandonware, but I've provided the final version below.

Yahoo! Widgets is provided under the terms of the Konfabulator Consumer License Agreement. All downloads on this page are unsupported. Thank you for enjoying my work over the years.

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B-Spec Grinder

Version 2.5.2

This was a specialized Widget for Gran Turismo 5. The game had a feature called Remote Races, where you coached AI drivers and received in-game credits. B-Spec Grinder automatically ran races for you and your friends.

Download B-Spec Grinder

Can't Wait counting down to a moment of joy

Can't Wait!

Version 1.1.1

This was a very tiny countdown Widget for your special moment.

Download Can't Wait!

Five tall Widgets with tubes displaying different colors of fluid at varying levels

Compact Suite

This was a five-Widget utility suite. From left to right:

CompactActivity v2.0
a CPU monitor which shamed your biggest processor hog;
CompactAirPort v2.0
which told you the quality of your Wi-Fi connection;
CompactCharge v2.0
a simple battery monitor;
CompactHD v1.0
a way to keep tabs on your disk usage; and
CompactMemory v1.0
a Widget for checking how much RAM you had free in your system.

Download Compact Suite

A simple 1-page-per-day desk calendar

Desk Calendar

Version 3.4

I always forget what day it is, so I created Desk Calendar. Featuring a very simple design based on the Mac OS X Calendar (formerly iCal) icon, this Widget let you customize its size, color and language to your heart's content.

Download Desk Calendar

An alien-looking Widget, with glowing drop zone indicators on the sides, and a colorful glassy center tube connecting them

Hash-Slinging Slasher

Version 1.0

This was a utility for comparing files and finding out whether or not they were identical. Drop in two files, and it compared their MD5 hashes. Green meant they were the same, red meant they weren't.

Download Hash-Slinging Slasher

A cute clock which is shaped like a cartoonish cat's face

Kitty Clock

Version 1.0

This was a pretty little Widget based on the Konfabulator History comic by Vera Brosgol.

Download Kitty Clock

Two very small, colorful orb-like Widgets displaying a circular chart each

Micro Suite

This was a two-Widget utility suite. From left to right:

MicroActivity v1.0.1
a very small Widget which featured your overall CPU activity; and
MicroAirPort v1.0.1
a tiny Widget for checking your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Download Micro Suite

A hammer and screwdriver surrounded by two sweeping blue arrows

Permissions Doctor

Version 1.5.1

If you have an older version of Mac OS X, you should be repairing permissions after software updates. I designed this Widget to help you with that task.

Download Permissions Doctor

Three clock Widgets with globe-like backgrounds, depicting daytime in Munich and Shanghai, and night in Palo Alto

World Clock Pro

Version 2.9.7

Monitor the time 'round the world! World Clock Pro let you choose from a large number of cities, or enter your own custom city. Featuring accurate sunrise and sunset times, this was a beautiful and functional addition to your desktop. Oh yeah, and you could have more than one clock open at once too.

Created in collaboration with Harry Whitfield.

Download World Clock Pro